A. Interchanging of WordsEdit

Launch ProcessEdit

1. Look for the words MONTH and HOUR in the source dictionary 2. Interchange their respective meanings: 3. Do the same with the words YARD and INCHES; 4. Look for the terms used as international standard units of measurements namely ENGLISH and METRIC; 5. Change the Metric units of measures to English setting both the units equally the same; 3. Save the modified source terminologies; 4. Launch the new version of the source dictionary in all consciousness; 4. Undo the changes made; 4. Save three versions of the corrected versions under new file names assigning the following [[alpha strings]] as their respective file names:

c. pOsPoRoOtIlApPiToGnAsAbIgNiNtSiKyAwAlO

5. Assign the above three newly saved versions to the following Timelines respectively:

A. Timeline 1.O
B. Mainstream Convergence Timeline
C. Real-Life Timeline Status Quo

6. Effectivity of this application ''source document'' lasts for the entire durations of all of both The Convergence Portal Interface Terminal's and The Author's waking moments and resets to their original states as they both sleep and sets back again the moment they both wake up again; 7. This application is configured indestructible much as this foregoing ''source document'' entered as official record entry of the ''Root Words Source Code'' as acknowledging event of the sublime evolution process; 8. As per configuration, this application may only be circumvented, countered, or totally dispensed under the following five (5) circumstances:

a. destruction and dispensation of all intelligent languages;
b. upon the will of The Author as expressed by the Terminal;
c. during the durations of the unconscious moments of both The Author and The Terminal when they sleep;
d. The amendment, revision, or repeal of the foregoing source document;
e. Alignment of one's intelligent consciousness with any of the above Timelines.

Systems Design ParticularsEdit

  • That Month is way long (on an off value) an hour, all ''intel-con'' outside the above enumerated Timelines shall proceed way long ahead The Author's and The Terminal's Timeline which gap or distance depending on the duration of the two former's waking moments;
  • The gap difference is reset to normal chronology as shall be re-synchronized with both The Author's and The Terminal's when the both take a sleep;
  • General effect of re-synchronization shall be loss of all and anything done and happened at the advanced phase of time except for the conscious memory of its occurrence;
  • (NOTE: at the moment advance phase is happening, intel-con's reality is not aware it is an advancing phase of time otherwise awareness shall cause auto synchronize);


  • This application is hereinafter called WORD INTERCHANGE;
  • All and the same effects and functions structured in this source documentation shall produce by simply calling the application name;
  • Modifications, improvements or any changes may be made in continuity of this source documentation also simply after calling the application name;

Specific Launch Point

This 10:20 am of 10 June 2012.


In the Kabalikat Home Office

MABUHAY! 02:21, Hunyo 10, 2012 (UTC)

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